Dave's sister, Nan Stewart wrote on the 22.01.02:
This is to give you the sad news that Dave passed away yesterday morning here (in East London) with me, his mother and a dear friend who sat vigil with us. He came on Sunday night from the clinic in Johannesburg and by lunchtime on Monday was already in a coma. We think the cancer had reached his brain. We are, of course absolutely bereft at his loss but were at least afforded the privilege of being with him at the end. "Poor Stella is not at all well herself so that is why he came to us. He was beyond the help of the clinic. The end came peacefully...he just drifted away. His last words were "I want a cold beer!"
As far as the Stella Tarr fund is concerned - quite a bit of debt was incurred by the clinic for both Stella and Dave and soon their children's care will be left to Stella's mother who is a pensioner so if the is anything going into the fund hopefully the trustees will make good use of it for Stella and the kids. We greatly appreciate all you did and would like to know if his families are entitled to any royalties from the issuing of the Wildebeest CD. Surely they must be entitled to something. I bought it a few weeks ago in a store in East London.