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South African music,Township Jazz
South African music,Township Jazz 3rd Ear Music - 18th Edition - Aug 2005 -updated: 21/12/05- previous edition South African music,Township Jazz South African music,Township Jazz City Folk,Maskandi,Zulu,alternative music
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City Folk,Maskandi,Zulu,alternative music

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3rd Ear Music's Hidden Years Archive Project is a unique collection of alternative SAfrican music. Live Recorded desk-mixes from Township to City Festivals, Concerts, Clubs & independent Studios - 1964 to date. For archive re-issues & current 3rd Ear productions speak to us! - we can customize copies provided all the necessary permission, copyright & licensing is cleared. See copyright note below >>
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More Dear Friends Depart> More Dear Friends Depart - Moving On & Up RIP Another band of music legends, troubadours & friends pass on RIP - Theo Coetzee, Clem Tholet, Rene Frangs, Esther Rutstein, Richard Sassoon ... so soon? South African music,Township Jazz Hugh Masekela> Hugh Masekela Live in Lesotho & The Durban Tattoo in 1980; what do they have in common? Time & brass? If it murmured or moved we taped it! The Cadet & Rock Band phenomena in 60’s SAfrican schools… marches on!
...
Seizing The Airwaves> Seizing The Airwaves - With thanks, apologies & respect to Ron Sakolsky Stephen Dunifer’s book ICASA/MOSHITO note - Pirates Ho Ho or Yo Yo? The Global Body Corporate, Big Brother & Monopoly Bored players rule! The Money Monster cometh! Be scared… be very, very scared. Or sing & dance away the blues?
...
Mbube more Letters> Mbube more Letters, Links & Feedback –interesting comments on King Solomon’s song – The Lion will not sleep peacefully in this jungle tonight… so too does Damien Margo son of the Token’s leader Mitch Margo the band that did the 1960’s hit …& now Mickey, Goofy & Donald Duck Under House Arrest in SAfrica Copyright attorney from Canada, Ken Cavalier shares a unique legal angle
...
Jeremy Taylor at the New Stanley, Nairobi after a recording session with Prof Alphonse Kapinga et son Orchestre> Jeremy Taylor made for the USA. Thanks to film-man Rich Ball, Jeremy lit up Chicago for 10 shows, March 05; can the ex-SAfrican un-plug America from France?
...

The Boys Band Witbank - 1961 to 1964> The Boys Band
Witbank 1961 to 1964 - one of countless young Folk 'n Rock bands in the world, who influenced & changed lives. From under the covers SAfrican Bands in every city, township, suburb & dorp would spread the power of this loud universal love. Bound only by a few simple harmonic chords, and words that meant whatever you needed them to, they invaded our segregated & protected lives through amp wracked dreams by blasting down boundaries & borders, class & colour, culture & creed. They conquered & changed the world forever. Hail Hail Rock 'n Roll. Dance on!
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South African music,Township Jazz
...still to come...
> Volks Sang en Kommuniste 1967 - an amazing read from Die Ster (The Star) in March of 1967. How Folk Music & Musicians Threatened The State

> The Magic Mirage – How Street Children disappear & Musicians re-appear with each Lahnee Durban indaba, Talk-shop, think-tank & conference. Sunday Tribune June 05

> What is it that John Oakley-Smith, LM Radio, 5fM & The SABC have in common? A new un-edited Hidden Years Story chapter takes shape

> Max du Preez –Of Warriors, Lovers & Prophets - Remarkable storybook that should inspire songwriters; unusual stories from SAfrica’s hidden past; tales well told

> African Music Events –nary an African Band in sight. Why should Sir Bob bother? We don’t seem to care! Exiles vs. Home Boys & Girls debate. Feedback please!

> Rock on – Acting Our Age? So many new (& good looking) glossy mainstream music magazines; but what do they teach us and what can we learn about the future.

> The Hidden Years Archive photos of John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band – taken at Live Peace in Toronto 1969, used in a new John Lennon Biography

 Photo Galleries

> When Jeppe was a 2-Way Street. Skelm Films Director Sechaba Ramotoai packs 40 years of Hidden History into 15 minutes & Gringo Wotshela wins MNet Edit Merit Award on behalf of Uhuru Productions for doing so. (No mean task to make sense of what Groucho Marks the Verbose may have to say)

> John Gcaba & Colin Shamley don’t record a demo together at Leopard Moon Studios; Colin Shamley – a new recording? If Dr Speer has his way. Photo Gallery

> Musician Website Visitors - Bob Denton in China – Selwyn Miller – remember him? 70’s Finch & Henson agent now manages SAfrican blues idol Dan Patlansky & Petula Clarke 72, among many in USA – Visitors to Durban & Nebo Tony Van or Mr. Natural to you, Robbie & Jenn Hahn return to visit & catch up with the New SAfrica

> The Hidden Years Music Archive grant-in-aid - through the NATIONAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION takes a few paces closer – back-to-back with the University of KwaZulu-Natal? 3rd Ear Music moves to the Berea Centre Durban - More Free Peoples Concerts – Tighthead Fourie & The Loose Forwards – No Easy Walk To Freedom

> Robert Wilson turned 60 & Robyn Wilson gets David Marks to remember & sing Master Jack as a surprise at The Crypt in London, December 2004

> Darius & Cathy Brubeck – Say Goodbye. Their Centre for Jazz & Popular Music, started in 1983, has become an international musician’s landmark – Afro-Cool Photos

> Musician’s Family Pages - The New Year 2004 to 2005

> Pop Idol sponsored abuse continues – despite the madam servant master slave connections & the plunder of Intellectual Property in colonial times

South African music,Township Jazz

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