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The Blue Zoo
The Blue Zoo 'Jazz, Folk & Blues' gigs are beginning to take off. Terry wanted 3rd Ear Music to inject some life into the suburbs by promoting a few laid-back gigs. We've done it in the mountains, on the beach, in forests & stadiums - so why not in a laid-back dining & wining space? We are going to try and do this at least once a month. If it takes off, there will be a few summer evenings outside in the garden. Be warned - it's acoustic. It's laid-back & it's unplugged - so as not to disturb the Animals, Plants & the East Coast Radio format. Neigbours? What neighbours? They're OK - they join in!

There was another one of those extremely popular music evenings - "laid-back & casual" soft jazz, folk 'n blues - at the Blue Zoo, Mitchell Park, Durban on Wednesday 28th February.

The concert featured Alan Judd (Guitar), Terry Rosenberg (Piano), Dan Choirboli (percussion) & David Marks (Guitar) & introducing the wonderful voice of Mary-Ellen Blackman to the Blue Zoo audience.

Popular well known ballads, soft jazz & touch of blues & some new original songs will be on offer as well as the Blue Zoo's famous menu & exquisite setting in Mitchell Park.

Contact the Blue Zoo: Tel. (031) 303-3568

Terry and MelvinTerry Rosenberg & Melvin Peters together at the Blue Zoo gig. The evening also featured Richard Walne.
Melvin Peters with Sound person Dayalan PoonanMelvin Peters (featured act at the last two shows) with Sound person Dayalan Poonan. The Poonan family - who have been around in the sound, piano & music business for generations - not only hire & restore pianos, but they wind their own strings & build pianos at their Smith Street Durban shop.
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Nibs and Anton from Landscape PrayersNibs & Anton from Landscape Prayers helped kick off the first Blue Zoo Gig in August. (Photo by Steve Hilton-Barber).
Alan Judd (Guitar) & Dan Chiorboli (Perc)Alan Judd (Guitar) & Dan Chiorboli (Perc) play with Terry Rosenberg at the Blue Zoo.
Bob BrosmanCharmin & Dave Wightman with Carol Rosenberg - enjoy Terry & Melvin's music.
David Marks & Darius BrubeckDavid Marks & Darius Brubeck. Darius recently returned from lecturing for a year in the UK & played a few tunes in the August gig. (Photo by Steve Hilton-Barber).
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