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South African music,Township Jazz
South African music,Township Jazz 3rd Ear Music - 16th Edition - Jan 2004 - updated: 5/8/04 - previous edition South African music,Township Jazz South African music,Township Jazz City Folk,Maskandi,Zulu,alternative music
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City Folk,Maskandi,Zulu,alternative music

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3rd Ear Music's Hidden Years Archive Project is a unique collection of alternative SAfrican music. Live Recorded desk-mixes from Township to City Festivals, Concerts, Clubs & independent Studios - 1964 to date. For archive re-issues & current 3rd Ear productions speak to us! - we can customize copies provided all the necessary permission, copyright & licensing is cleared. See copyright note below >>

Solomon Linda and his Evening Birds 1941
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> Mbube – This is where The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Rian Malan calls his intriguing investigative essay (in 3 parts) a story of music – and that’s what this African saga is; a universal safari that touches us all; and what’s so interesting & timeless is the reaction by people that the music moves or meets along the way. 55 years later. Here are 60 of over 300 eMail letters received Mbube - letters links & feedback with interesting links, photos & opinions. Photo - Solomon Linda & His Evening Birds 1941. Courtesy International Library of African Music (Rhodes University) & Veit Erlmann.
...read more on Mbube >>
Mbube - letters links & feedback >>
South African music,Township Jazz

3rd Ear Music Website Message to all members & contributors - 01 January 2004
(*Thanks to Rick Andrew for the editing; to Mike Westcott for his Trust / Section 21 suggestions and ideas and to Dr.Ingrid Byerly of Duke University, USA, for the reference.)

3rd Ear Music wishes you all a creative and productive 2004. We resolve to keep the Hidden Years Music Archive active and alive with a renewed sense of hope and humour.

On a personal note - and this could impact on the future of the Hidden Years Music Archive project - David Marks has been offered the comfort of a possible permanent teaching post in 2004 / 2005. There is also the prospect of a few Festival Productions that should see 3rd Ear Music through the next 5 years. And although this sounds comfortably safe and tempting, we cannot help but wonder what will happen to this Hidden Years collection - the hidden history archive - if David and Fran Marks are called away to other work.

Please consider:
The battle for funding to finish cataloguing and compiling the Hidden Years Archive and the Textbooks (that the Education Department will eventually need) has become a huge distraction for 3rd Ear. And although we have a catalogue with a few name acts that could do extremely well for us, the same diversions apply; text books and the Hidden Years Story are now priorities for 2004; we are just not geared to market, manufacture, distribute and pack the CDs.
Mike Westcott's Trust / Section 21 suggestions >>

What we need is a partner; the music will speak for itself – Hugh Masekela, Spirits Rejoice, Jeremy Taylor, Malombo, Stephan Grappelli, Rod McKuen, Mungo Jerry, Laurika Rauch etc. (See the legends list for completed masters and the archive catalogue)

However, aside from the obvious commercial potential, if this Archive collection – spanning some 40 years - is as important as some people claim (re: the references and testimonials from local and international Universities and artists - >> read the quote from Dr Ingrid Byerly of Duke University, USA) then perhaps we should try and form this Hidden Years Archive Trust; we’ve been talking about it for some time now.
...

Donation - Dr. Jan Hofmeyr
3rd Ear Music would like to thank Dr. Jan Hofmeyr for his generous donation to the Hidden Years Music Archive Project. As many of you may know, Jannie Hofmeyr was one of the most brilliant singer-songwriters, guitarist-poets in the 1970's.
...

> The Next Generation?
Londi Shabalala - Daughter of Mzisi son of Joseph (Ladysmith Black Mambazo) won't let go of 14 Shabalala's recently discovered HY artwork.
> 14 Shabalala (no relation) the man himself backing the 'Boks. His retrospective CD and Cassette - Maskandi Magic - has just been issued.
...

> Darius Brubeck and David Marks - at the annual Cathy and Darius Centre For Jazz Festive Supper.

Shelly Knipe> Shelly Knipe
Shelly Knipe visited the 3eM Archives in 2003.

Steph Hotel> Steph Hotel
David Marks lined up a recording studio in Hillbrow that would give us a discount on after hours sessions, so we took it and started recording my album 'Born guilty'.
...

Charles Mvune> Charles Mvune
Charles Mvune in the Small Hidden Years Archive - a few catalogued shelves of many, many that are not.
Luka-David in London - 6 Months
Chey - Reads
Rose-Lee Pretty Picture Eyes
> The New 3rd Ear Music edition of another My Generation
Dylan & Lara Markantonatos's little boy  Luka David - in London @ 6 months. Cheyenne Donnelly (9) Lisha's little big girl in Hout Bay and Rose-Lee Marks (Photo by Clem Tholet) just turned 18. Rosy got a good Matric pass (Durban Girls College - where she also got honours for music - Piano, Violin & Choir) However she has decided to study Criminology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.
The LEGENDARY 1963 3rd Ear Music VW Kombi> The LEGENDARY 1963 3rd Ear Music VW Kombi is buried under that paper trail.
Rock Theatre ProjectsRock Theatre Projects - By Peter Taylor
I hope  that you  get the same feeling of expectation  that I have for 2004. These are exciting times.
...
> Unearthed - a 1967 Tiles handbill announcing the Etonians - Harry Polous, Davy James and David Marks in The Privilege also featured.

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> Granny Fanny with Luka-David in London - August 2003.
South African music,Township Jazz
Sketch by David Marks
Sketch by David Marks
©(p) 3rd Ear Music 1985.
FUNDING - Once again MMINO have come to our aid in 2003 and so too has Bob Wilson of the Bleeding Heart Restaurant & Bistro in London. However we do need additional funds to focus on the Archive, the database, Information service and ofcourse to complete The Hidden Years Story Book - Part 1 - in the process of being coloured in; and Penguin Books are waiting. So any additional assistance in that regard would be greatly appreciated. We also have an exciting batch of CDR issues that are about to escape - so watch this space. The 2001/ 2002 report will be posted on the site soon and the budget will be available to any interested parties on request.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank all those who have contributed in the past, most notably The National Arts Council of South Africa, The Bartle Arts Trust, Terry Rosenberg, Rick Barber (Australia) and The National Lotteries Board. Funds for the HYMAProject have also been generated through 3rd Ear Music's Festivals, Concerts & Clubs & by the re-issuing of limited edition Hidden Years recordings - and of course by courtesy of Master Jack. We are working on the research & scripting of a TV Documentary and a proposed series of syndicated Radio Programmes; so any stories, photographs, anecdotes that you think we could add to our hidden history - Please drop us an eLine.

South African music,Township Jazz

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