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South African music,Township Jazz
South African music,Township Jazz
3rd Ear Music - 11th Edition - June / July 2002 - previous edition
South African music,Township Jazz South African music,Township Jazz City Folk,Maskandi,Zulu,alternative music
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City Folk,Maskandi,Zulu,alternative music


3rd Ear Music's Hidden Years Archive Project is a unique collection of alternative South African music - Live Recordings from Festivals, Concerts & Clubs & independent Studios - 1964 to 1994 - SAfrican music legends & forgotten heroes - from Township Jazz to City Folk, from Zulu Maskandi to Political Rock 'n Roll. It's a living Archive & income is generated from the sale of our CD re-issues, 3rd Ear Music events & Donations. All the usual archive / back copy material & photos for your information & interest are still available. If you need specific information or archive recording copies - provided all the copyright & licensing is in order - speak to us!

3rd Ear Music & The Hidden Years Archive Update for June & July 2002 delayed. Bear / Bare with us. All will be revealed in good time. Coming up in the next June / July - Edition 11:

HY - War Time Crime Sketch 1976
HY - War Time Crime Sketch 1976

We are looking for 2 artist ladies: The one who drew this sketch of Colin Shamley's Band Boot in 1976, with the quote from one of Colin's songs that reads: Friends, I hope I'm still around when they stand trials for Peace-Time Crimes. And the other lady, who worked at the Nobleman in Hillbrow from around 1969/ 70 & who wrote the Lyrics for the Hawk song - Look Up Brother. Gaby was her name - we think. If you have any information please email us.

We are very proud to announce that MMINO, The NAC & The National Lottery Board will all help fund the HYMAProject for the next few years. Now we can get on with completing the Hidden Years Story Book & re-issue some hidden music treasures: John Oakley-Smith, Malombo, Colin Shamley, Clem Tholet, Madala Kunene, Sipho Mchunu, Jeremy Taylor, Hugh Masekela & more.

> With this endorsement we aim to motivate the SABC for a regular (weekly) National on Air Music Radio programme. (Not a nostalgic Retro repeat of some dead hits to revive an ailing record industry - but a genuine entertaining dig at Southern Africa's very interesting contemporary roots & traditions - 3rd Ear Music is not the only private archive that has great hidden music material).

> Solomon Linda - People are still asking: Where Does The Lion Sleep Tonight? Rian Malan's intriguing expose soon to be a BBC TV documentary. Check his list of covers - Quite unbelievable. Can you add a few?
...
> Where Are They Now? - We find the 60's & 70's Songwriter Alan Jeffrey working in an archive himself; Maureen Mo England - singing in the Kitchen in the Porterville area, Western Cape, Beaverlac camp........it's a piece of heaven; Pete Knight - he of Audacle & Edda - Remember Ray Perkel & bands? Mike Brown & Louis Ribero in the USA & UK respectively from the South Country Band among others. Mike Raftery - remember the gentleman folk singer from the old Durban Folk Club? He wrote to us from the Netherlands.
...

> Song Lyrics - Featuring 3eM composers' lyrics & anecdotes like: John Gerrard - Bill Knight - Jonathan 'Radio Rat' Handley - Nick Taylor - James Phillips - David Kramer - Tony Bird - Des Lindberg - John Oakley Smith - Chris Mann - David Marks - Roger Lucey.

> Photo Gallery - Here's where Tony Campbell, Rodney Barnett, Manfred Linder, Frank Black, Alf Kumalo and many other photographers' work will play a major role.

News Snippets:

> Brian Finch thunders on with a new family of tunes & a great CD to support them.
...

> Roger Lucey - Ex-Arts Editor resigns from a TV Station that uses a 'demented demonic howl' for its News & Finance reports.
...

> Morris Goldberg records a wonderful new album in New York - Ojoyo - Forward Motion.

> Woodstock 1969 - There has been a renewed interest in this historic event. We will publish a perspective from one of the great photographers of that era - Elliott Landy - who still lives & works in Woodstock.
...

> When Artists move onto the next life: If we could pay as much respect to the Living as we do to the Dead, we'd be an OK civilization. We bid farewell to friends Steve Hilton-Barber, Davy James & Bobby James.

> Mike Smith - A rare picture from Rob Bozas at Real World Records in Bath, UK.

> Gavin Weeks - A determined Songwriter with a mission to help other musicians, despite his own impending physical disability

> Splashy Fen 2002 - Still a wonderful Festival. Pity about the Music. It is no longer a unique A to Z (Afrikaans to Zulu) music celebration - It has now become like any of the many 30 odd outdoor techno PC driven commercial SAfrican events. What a pity. Should we start a 'Save Splashy' campaign

> Pop Idols - At the last moment the sponsors wake up & steer these poor fame & fortune seekers back to Africa. Thank goodness for small mercies? So why not use South Africa's 12 (plus some) language songs from the start? Boring!!!

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