3rd Ear Music - hidden years, township jazz 3rd Ear Music - South African music, Township Jazz, City Folk
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South African music,Township Jazz
South African music,Township Jazz
3rd Ear Music - 4th Edition Feb / March 2001 - previous edition
South African music,Township Jazz South African music,Township Jazz City Folk,Maskandi,Zulu,alternative music
City Folk,Maskandi,Zulu,alternative music
3rd Ear Music's Hidden Years Archive Project is a unique collection of alternative South African music - Live Recordings from Festivals, Concerts & Clubs or at independent Studios - 1964 to 1994 - SAfrican music legends & forgotten heroes - from Township Jazz to City Folk, from Zulu Maskandi to Political Rock 'n Roll.
Duke Ellington and Sathima Bea Benjamin> Sathima Bea Benjamin - Embracing Jazz - A Book by Lars Rasmussen, a Danish Music enthusiast who 'rediscovers' a SAfrican Lost Legend for the world.

Abdullah Ibrahim> Abdullah Ibrahim - A Discography by Lars Rasmussen

Victor 'Lefifi' Tladi> Victor 'Lefifi' Tladi - An artist in exile?

> Song Lyrics - Featuring 3eM composers' lyrics & anecdotes like: Bill Knight - Jonathan 'Radio Rat' Handley - Nick Taylor - James Phillips - David Kramer - Tony Bird - Des Lindberg - John Oakley Smith - Chris Mann - David Marks - Roger Lucey.

> Photo Gallery - Here's where Tony Campbell, Rodney Barnett, Manfred Linder, Frank Black, Alf Kumalo and many other photographers' work will play a major role.

Jam at Suzie's Shebeen> Jam at Suzie's Shebeen in the Early 60's. Almon Mamela, Lemmy Special & Jeremy Taylor (© Jim Bailey's African Photo Archive)

Pete Seger> Where Does the Lion Sleep Tonight? - Part 2 of this intriguing Rolling Stone commissioned article by Rian Malan (Part 1). What does civil rights folk singer Pete Seeger & Solomon Linda the composer of MBUBE have in common?
Pete Seger (Photo David Marks, Newport, USA 1969)

Theo Coetzee - Meditation trail & Teaching Curve> Theo Coetzee
Still on the Meditation Trail & Teaching Curve (Photo Tony Campbell - Rivonia Folk Festival 1972) Theo is one of those unsung music heroes of the SAfrican folk music scene.

Thabiso Victor Pooe & Fran Markantonatos> Thabiso Victor Pooe & Fran Markantonatos - Join the Hidden Years Music Archive Project on a part-time basis for the year 2001.

Roger Lucey in the 80's
Roger Lucey at eTV

> Roger Lucey - eTV - The ARTSNEWS breakthrough - Presented Nightly @ 7:30 by Roger.

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