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South African music,Township Jazz
South African music,Township Jazz
3rd Ear Music - 9th Edition - January / February 2002 - previous edition
South African music,Township Jazz South African music,Township Jazz City Folk,Maskandi,Zulu,alternative music
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City Folk,Maskandi,Zulu,alternative music

3rd Ear Music's Hidden Years Archive Project is a unique collection of alternative South African music - Live Recordings from Festivals, Concerts & Clubs & independent Studios - 1964 to 1994 - SAfrican music legends & forgotten heroes - from Township Jazz to City Folk, from Zulu Maskandi to Political Rock 'n Roll. It's a living Archive & income is generated from the sale of our CD re-issues, 3rd Ear Music events & Donations. All the usual archive / back copy material & photos for your information & interest are still available. If you need specific information or archive recording copies - provided all the copyright & licensing is in order - speak to us!

3rd Ear Music goes Live for a Month of Sundays down at the Point Harbour Water Front
- at The Blue Bottles Café & Bar -

BB - Mim Erasmus on Opening Night BB - Odyssey - Will Fiona Dave BB - Isaac & Zamakile Nkomo BB - Joseph Shabalala & Friends BB View BB John Gcaba with nDloko

> 3rd Ear Music at the Blue Bottles Café & Bar, every Sunday at 7 Pm. Down at the Harbour on the Waterfront. See the pre & reviews of what's coming and what's been - Some DigCam shots from the first 3 weeks.
...

Please read the copyright note.

Many Happy New Yeah Returns from 3rd Ear Music - An appropriate borrowed New Year thought & message below.

South African music,Township Jazz

Brian Finch - Hero Of Heroes(Projects)
> Brian Finch
Brian Finch recording Hero Of Heroes at the Leopard Moon Studios in Gilletts. Brian Currin (SA Rock Digest) reviews the new CD Hero of Heroes Limited edition now available while we negotiate for distribution. Brian Finch at his powerful best!
...

Dave Tarr and the SCMB sketch(News Forum)
> Dave Plod Tarr
Plod finally set sail with his music and fond memories at 7:15am on the 22.02.01. His last words were "I want a cold beer!".
Dave's many followers and 3rd Ear Music friends extend their condolences to his family - to Stella, Olive & the children - and we will keep the Trust Fund going.
... read the letter >>

Dave Hewitt(News Forum)
> Dave Hewitt
Des Lindberg says goodbye to a master musician and a friend to millions.
...

> Song Lyrics - Featuring 3eM composers' lyrics & anecdotes like: John Gerrard - Bill Knight - Jonathan 'Radio Rat' Handley - Nick Taylor - James Phillips - David Kramer - Tony Bird - Des Lindberg - John Oakley Smith - Chris Mann - David Marks - Roger Lucey.

> Photo Gallery - Here's where Tony Campbell, Rodney Barnett, Manfred Linder, Frank Black, Alf Kumalo and many other photographers' work will play a major role.

Jeremy Taylor sings at the Cul De Sac - Hillbrow 1960(Lyrics)
> Jeremy Taylor - There's a worldwide revival for this wonderful Folk Artists' work. We are negotiating to have JT's book - Ag Pleez Deddy reissued this year. His songs will last forever. This edition features the songs that so many of you have requested.
...read his lyrics >>
...read more about J. Taylor >>

LBM and 14 Shabalala with David (Projects)
> 14 Shabalala
Records for Ladysmith Black Mambazo's Joseph Shabalala at the new Playhouse Studios in Durban. 12 Years after 3rd Ear Music couldn't afford the "sweeteners" to get this amazing Folk / Maskandi / Country musician onto the local airwaves; he has finally being re-discovered.
...
News Snippets:

Penguin Book Staff: Left to right: Zita Castanho, Helen Suzor, Nicola van Rooyen, Janine O'Connor, Karen Lane, Marla Reddy, Claire Heckrath, Alison Lowry, Catherine Born and Pam Thornley> The HIDDEN YEARS BOOK
These are the pretty ladies of PENGUIN BOOKS who will be editing, marketing, promoting & selling David Marks' long-awaited Story & Photo Book - scheduled for release in September 2002.
...read some excerpts >>
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Shawn Phillips> Shawn Phillips & his South African wife - Juliette, married in Texas on December 27th 2001. The Texan Singer Songwriter Legend and friend to many South Africans hopes to tour this country again soon. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Phillips from 3rd Ear Music. Read about Shawn's influence on the Johannesburg Folk Scene of the early 60's in the Hidden Years Story / The Troubadour 1966.

An appropriate News Year Thought - Freely Edited from the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
The Woodstock Generation was right!


The kind of future humans will create is our choice. We can embrace our inherent spirituality and find purpose in discovering who we are and where we can go, or we can encapsulate ourselves in a vision of fear.

Scientists warn us - human society cannot continue on its present, unenlightened course, that our habitual way of doing things will ultimately overpopulate the planet, destroy our natural ecosystems, poison our bodies, and catastrophically alter our weather patterns; economic disruptions and limited government budgets would seem to indicate increased violence, crime and alienation.

But at the same time, underneath this expectation of the worst is a growing number of people who understand the spiritual alternative. In a sense, a dramatic polarization of opinion is taking place, and the question is clear: Will we resign our-selves to the apocalyptic scenario of the future and retreat further into thinking only of our short-term self-interest, or will we consciously embrace and co-create a future of love and spiritual purpose? My own sense is that we're approaching the great divide, and the heroes are all in place.

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