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WINNER: eArts on eNews gets the shaft!

WINNER: eArts on eNews gets the shaft!

The Arts & Culture Trust Awards is an annual event with each art category sponsored by a major corporation, in association with Mail & Guardian and Nedbank. Information supplied by Artslink.

The Arts & Culture Trust Awards 2001 citation reads: "The pioneering support and encouragement of the arts in regular news bulletins is based on the recognition that the arts are a daily feature of South African society. Well-known artist, musician and playwright, Roger Lucey, presents the arts slot in the news bulletin."

Despite this acclaim, Roger's eArts slot keeps getting shunted around or ignored by the other news presenters in the 7.00pm eNews Hour. The news presenters will tell you that the weather, sports & business are coming up, but no eArts? Sour grapes or what? More than likely given that Roger was disciplined by eNews for talking to the media (we kid you not) after winning his award; for daring to mention that it's time the Arts were given the same recognition as sports. What a nerve!! I suppose one cannot expect any better from a newsroom that uses a demonic howl to attract attention & viewers to the news. As one visiting musician pointed out, the eTV news theme is the scariest, ugliest sound he has ever heard. Worse than MNet's in-your-face 60-second action packed sports assault? That's saying something!

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