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The 3rd Ear Hidden Years Festivals - Part 3
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Ritchie Havens ClassThe great Ritchie Havens (3rd from left) and Emile Latimar (5th from right) toured the country last year - Here's the final Class photo at 3rd Ear Music in Durban - with his USA promoter, Rich Linnell (2nd from left) & various 3rd Ear Music staff, friends & family. Ritchie's guitarist Paul 'Dino' Williams took the photo.

Ritchie Havens Woodstock '6929 years earlier David Marks met the young Ritchie Havens tuning up; the first act to get Woodstock 1969 going - & what an act to follow. David took the photo while setting up Ritchie's microphones.

Count Judge Band Wits '71The Historic 1st NUSAS / 3rd Ear Music Tribal Blues Concert, August 1971 that featured the Count Judge Wellington Band: Left to right - Barney Rachabane, Dennis Mpale, George , Duke Makasa, Nelson Magwaza & The Count. Also on the bill were the young Johnny Clegg with Sipho Mchunu & their Dancers Wa Madlebe (Big Ears - Johnny's Zulu nick name at the time), Freedom's Children & Malombo (Julian Bahula, Abe Cindi & Lucky Ranku).
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Tighthead Fourie and the Loose ForwardsTighthead Fourie and the Loose Forwards in action at a Crown Mines street jorl in 1986. In the midst of the 2nd State of Emergency singing a Country & Western version of No Easy Walk to Freedom - (L-R) Tennessee Ferreira (Harmonies), Lourenco Marques (Nee Sakkie de Kock) (Bass), Slim Gedagte (Harmonies), Tighthead Fourie (Vocals & Guitar), Ray Stadig (Lead Guitar) and obscured as ever Gene Parkeering (Drums).
Tighthead Fourie in search of The Loose ForwardsTighthead Fourie in search of The Loose Forwards - boarding the train at Park Station, Johannesburg in the mid 80's.
Roger Lucey - Durban - Early SixtiesRoger Lucey in the mid-Seventies
Roger Lucey - Durban - Early Sixties with brother Patrick & Jabulani Makatini.
Roger Lucey (right) - Ready to Rock & Rolling in the mid-Seventies.
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Ginsberg and Ruben '69 New YorkIt wasn't only South Africa having racist problems - Here poet Allen Ginsberg digs deep to contribute & fill up Hippie leader Jerry Ruben's money bucket. The occasion was the Conspiracy Party held at Abby Hoffman's apartment in the Village. Funds were being raised for the Chicago 6 arrested in 1968 for disrupting the presidential elections. (Photo by David Marks)
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3rd Ear Music's Tribal Blues - Wits 1972 3rd Ear Music's Tribal Blues - Wits 1972 - photo by Tony Campbell - The Count Wellington Judge Band - Nelson Magwaza, Barney Rachabane, Dennis Mpale & Duke Makase.
Free People's Concert - Wits 1973 Free People's Concert - Wits 1973 - from the Mixer: David Marks, Tony Oates, Ton & Ms Dentueling (MSC Studios), Hilton Rosenthal (Minc Records) with a partially obscured young Jonny Clegg and the late Rodney Barnett.
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Hugh Masekela - Live Hugh Masekela - Live in Lesotho 1980.
Photo by Rodney Barnett.
Free People's Concert - Wits 1974 Free People's Concert - Wits 1974 - Neill Solomon (Up Town Rhythm Dogs), Benjy Mudy (Wea), Viviane & Piet Botha (Jack Hammer).
Sipho Mchunu & Jon Clegg Sipho Mchunu & Jon Clegg - 3rd Ear Music's Market Kuif 1976.
Photo by David Marks.
Ottis Waygood Blues Band
Ottis Waygood Blues Band - sometime in the 60'S - Johannesburg.
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Peach - 1980 Peach - 1980
Pete and Syd Kitchen 1971Pete and Syd Kitchen 1971
The Boys Band at the Moth Hall Witbank 1964 The Boys Band - Moth Hall Witbank 1964 - photo by Mervyn van Rooyen - Johynny Komburis (Drums) Nick Killian (Fender Strat & Vox AC30) David Marks (Bass & Harmonies), Peter Farnham (Rhythm & Lead Vocals)
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Spot the Famous!

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