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Featuring 3eM composers' lyrics & anecdotes. Let's make this a forum for your feelings in print. You've heard this all before - in a 3rd Ear Music News Letter about 15 years ago - long before we even knew what the internet was. However, because we studied commix we had a good vision of what the future used to be back then. Rap & Hip Hop is only the thin-end of the poetry wedge. Thanks to Web radio (and soon video) we all now know that it won't be long before your lyrics will be rapped on a poetry hit parade. Everybody writes poems. Think about it!

(Alfred Temba Qabula)
(Flagstaff, Transkei, Christmas 1985)

Within My Reach
(John Oakley-Smith)
(p)© 3rd Ear / Riff Raff Music (SAMRO) (1986)

Testing Testing 123
Words & Music by David Marks & Ken E Henson (p)© 3rd Ear Music 1985

She's a Country Boy At Heart
Words & Music by David Marks (p)© 3rd Ear Music/SAMRO 1992

Jeremy Taylor:

Ag Pleez Deddy
Words & Music - Jeremy Taylor © 1961 MPA

Black-White Calypso
Words & Music Jeremy Taylor © 1961 MPA

Lift Girl's Lament
Words & Music Jeremy Taylor © 1962 MPA

Red Velvet Steering Wheel Cover Driver
Words & Music Jeremy Taylor © 1968 Edwin Morris

Born In Africa
Words & Music by John Gerrard
(p)© 3rd Ear Music (SA) / Gerrard Music (UK) 1994 - 1998

A Night To Remember
(p)© 3rd Ear Music (SA)
Jeremy Taylor (UK)

Transplant Calypso
Words, Music & Story – Jeremy Taylor
(p)© Jeremy Taylor 1968 / Galliard 1970

Jeremy Taylor sings at the Cul De Sac - Hillbrow 1960
Jeremy Taylor sings at the Cul De Sac - Hillbrow 1960

Letter From Africa [song of the homesick South African]
Words & Music Nick Taylor (p)© Incline House

Your Heart
icbm Music/Peermusic 1995 Handley/Radio Rats
Radium Wreckords 1999

Piece of Ground
1960 © 1963 Burlington

Shot Down In The Street
Words & Music James Phillips (p)© Shifty Records

The little folk song
Des Lindberg (p)© 2001

Dry Wine
Words & Music by David Kramer 1978 (p)© 3rd Ear Music

Written by Leslie Shill, October 16, 2000
© Les Shill 2000

Words & Music Bill Knight (P)© Bill Knight / 3rd Ear Music 1990

Until Love Is The Lord Of The Land
(Lyrics: Chris Zithulele Mann / Music: Rick Andrew) (p)© 3rd Ear Music / Chris Mann 1996

Lady from the Odeon
(Words & Music by John Oakley-Smith 1974)
From the Warner Bros Album Matinees on Saturdays
(p)© 3rd Ear Music 1976 - Riff Raff Music / 3rd Ear Music 2000

Dust Devils
Words & Music by Paul Clingman
From the Stanyan 3rd Ear Record Father To The Child 1977
(p)© 3rd Ear Music 1977 / 2000

Rocking Chair...
Words & Music by David Marks (p)© 3rd Ear Music 1994

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