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These 3rd Ear Music & related indie CDs & CDRs are issued from the Hidden Years Music Archive Project on demand. For example the 3rd CD we issued was the long awaited & much avoided, banned & celebrated Roger Lucey classic - 21 Years Down The Road. Original recordings with additional never before heard in- concert desk mixes - digitally re-mastered & mixed with a 'critique' by the Publications Control Board, as per the Act of 1976.

Music Legends
Music Legends who have offered to assist the HYMA Project through the issuing of their own special CD's & CD-R's - includes a couple of foreign 'stars' & many local unsung heroes. Given how easy it is for music historians to assume that the only musicians who made a noise during 'those' daze were those whose commercial records are available today. Not to say that those commercial recording artists didn't shout out occasionally - but let's be honest. Outside of the few independent labels, subversive alternative music activity
...

Juluka's Sipho On Comeback Trail
Juluka's Sipho On Comeback Trail
Sipho Mchunu is a brave man. Two years ago he broke with partner Johnny Clegg to be with his large family and to till the soil. Juluka was no more.
...
 Hugh Masekela
Hugh Masekela Live in Lesotho & The Durban Tattoo in 1980; what do they have in common? Time & brass? If it murmured or moved we taped it! The Cadet & Rock Band phenomena in 60’s SAfrican schools… marches on!
...
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14 Shabala - Is'Tofu Eshisha
14 Shabala - Is'Tofu Eshisha (3eM CD 3314) - 1989
listen to mp3 - 14 Shabala - Is'Tofu Eshisha (size: 276 kb) Order the CD
Colin Shamley - Born Guilty
Colin Shamley - Born Guilty (3eM CD 7005) - 1979
...more details on Colin Shamley >>
listen to mp3 - Colin Shamley - Born Guilty (size: 205 kb) Order the CD
John Oakley-Smith - Matinees on Saturdays
John Oakley-Smith - Matinees on Saturdays (3eM WBC CD 9000) - 1976
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 The Jazzanians > The Jazzanians
An Historic LIMITED EDITION re-issue CD from the original 1988 studio live recordings with a bonus track - TUGELA RAIL recorded in 1984 by Darius Brubeck - Founder & Director of the Centre for Jazz & Popular Music at the University of Natal. The JAZZANIANS were a unique Band - The first students to graduate from the CJPM - the first ever-Jazz graduate course at an African University - each musician from this band has gone on to shape an illustrious career in music.

The BONUS TRACK - TUGELA RAIL recorded in 1984.
The Jazzanians CD was Digitally Re-mastered from the original 1988 & 1984 analogue recordings & is now available through 3rd Ear Music & the CJPM.
...

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 Roger Lucey - 21 Years Down the Road
Roger Lucey - 21 Years Down the Road (3eM 7004 / 0035) - 1979 to 2000
more info & listen to a sample!
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David Marks - The Hidden Years
David Marks - The Hidden Years - Songs from 1964 to 1994 (3eM CD 003)
listen to mp3 - David Marks - The Hidden Years- Songs from 1964 to 1994 (size: 183 kb) Order the CD
Stephane Grappelli - Live in the Durban City Hall
Stephane Grappelli & The Diz Disley Trio
Historic Durban City Hall Recordings
14/15 May 1976
...more details on Stephane Grappelli's CD >>

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Azumah - Long Time Ago
Azumah - Long Time Ago (3eM CD 3302) - 1983
listen to mp3 - Azumah - Long Time Ago (size: 258 kb) Order the CD
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Simba Morri - Celebrating Life
Simba Morri - Celebrating Life (3eM CD 3310)
...read more about Simba Morri >>
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Pieter-Dirk Uys - Truth Omissions
Pieter-Dirk Uys - Truth Omissions (3eM CD 001)
listen to mp3 - Pieter-Dirk Uys - Truth Omissions (size: 124 kb) Order the CD
Splashy Fen - Celebrating 10 Years
Splashy Fen - Celebrating 10 Years (3eM SF 001/ 002)
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