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Throwing up the Past, Rapping up the Present - Old Roots & New Directions

We don't want to give anybody the impression that the only thing 3rd Ear Music is doing of late, is digging up the past. It's true to say that we are focusing on the odd almost forgotten underground (alternative) musician & music of the SAfrican Rock, Folk 'n Jazz seams. 3rd Ear Music has always been at the rock face carving out a future with & for our musician friends, in the genres of music that we know, understand & feel most comfortable with. But the Hidden Years Music Archive Project (HYMAProject) is only a small part of what we love sharing. - As one visitor put it - our Hidden History may be a Pandora's box of treasures but it is not only a reminder for those who do remember - it's also for those who may have forgotten to forget & who never had the privilege of listening or hearing these musicians & their music in the first place - for one political reason or another.

> HY Radio Road Show Proposal
The attached ‘HY Radio Road Show Proposal’ (formulated in 1992, presented in 1998) has been ignored, avoided and often trashed by the mainstream music media (SABC / SAfm in particular). The kZN Mercury article was written by Colleen Dardagan 3rd June 2011. Perhaps these are ‘ideas’ whose times have now come?
Memory is a Weapon (Don Mattera)
Forgiving is Healing (Nelson Mandela)
Forgetting is Betrayal (Pritz Dullay)
HY South Coast Heritage Proposal> Creating Unity - The expression of our humanity - history and heritage through art & culture
The kZN South Coast is well known nationally and internationally for its beaches, surfing and sardines, but not much is known about its people and their history. Many local people are unaware of this and tend to stick to whom and what they know, thus remaining insulated from the diversity of people, cultures, art and history that are so unique and present on the kZN Hibiscus / UGU South Coast.
...
Steph Hotel> Steph Hotel
David Marks lined up a recording studio in Hillbrow that would give us a discount on after hours sessions, so we took it and started recording my album 'Born guilty'.
...

Rock Theatre ProjectsRock Theatre Projects - By Peter Taylor


I hope  that you  get the same feeling of expectation  that I have for 2004. These are exciting times.
...

> Funding & The Goal, Objectives & Programme of MMINO
MMINO - The South African - Norwegian Education & Music Programme has once again offered to assist 3rd Ear Music's HYMAProject through a grant-in-aid over 3 years 2002, 2003 and 2004.
...

LBM and 14 Shabalala with David (Projects)
> The BLUE BOTTLES BLUES - It was a great 10 weeks at the most stunning venue in the country - but the bottom line wasn't reached.
...check out the gallery >>

Brian Finch - Hero Of Heroes(Projects)
> Brian Finch
His critically acclaimed CD looks to set the world alight - for a release in 3 USA States - but you won't hear it here ommercially, for sometime. Limited Edition CDs were submitted to 4 major African labels and not one of them had the courtesy to say yea or nay. Amazing? No not really.
...
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Sweet Chariot
Sweet Chariot - Night Fishing (3eZ 8005) All the songs were composed by author & design artist Rick Andrew & sung by him & wife Gill - an artist, a children's book illustrator & teacher. Alan Judd played his homemade Guitars & Hilton Pryce-Lewis provided percussion. It was recorded & produced by David Marks at Selby's Sound Crew Studios, kZN in 1992.

Rick's book Buried in the Sky has been selling extremely well. About life in the South African Defense Force during the border-war in Angola - acclaimed by many ex-combatants & soldiers who, until now, were often silent & ashamed. Left to fend for themselves when the commanders & masters of those young men jumped ship after liberation. Fighting in the war that never was? The music & the mix somehow captures the spirit of those conscripts who never wanted to be there in the first place; a war that politically wasn't happening; the silent war. (See Penguin Books link). Let this re-mastered CD play while you are reading the book - it will put you in the picture.

Sweet Chariot - Night Fishing (3eZ 8005)

The HY Story Book - Joan Baez - Photo: (p)© Lana J Davies, New York 1969From the HY Story Book:
check out a few anecdotes of The Turtles Last Tour 1969 - on the road with Frank Zappa's Flo & Eddy - the remarkably young & big haired & hearted Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan - The Turtles , 3 Dog-Night & Hoyt Axton - November December 1969. More from the HY Story Book - The USA safrican Connection continues - Across the Yellow Union Line - A truer than fiction anecdote about the Unions in 1969 America - Setting up with Hanley Sound at Madison Square Gardens during a Go-Slow for Joan Baez.
...
Poetry Is Good For DurbanPoetry Africa 2000

- a Double CD of Poems about Durban - Featuring some of the world's great living poets.
...

MIDI Trust must be congratulated - we have to start somewhere - & we wish Rosie Katz & her MIDI Team well in their patriotic endeavours - given that we should have really started 50 years ago. It used to be South African Music Day - Now we have a week every year, when we can all stop & listen & feel like SAfricans. For the rest of the time we will have to be content with the all-stop Station for the Well Informed & the American & British Formatted Regional lay byes. Imagine the Canadians or the Greeks or the Malians taking a week off to have their music programmed?

Ronnie Madonsela with The Drive HMV African Jive Label Zonk Label
Ronnie Madonsela with The Drive in Soweto 1971
HMV African Jive Label
Zonk Label
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South African Music Week
Here are a few snaps from the Pietermaritzburg contribution with the Hairy Legged Lentil Eaters.
The Hairy Legged Lentil Eaters Bot Gardens PG 4 to 18
The Hairy Legged Lentil Eaters squeezed into the Botanic Gardens Stage like Giants in the Garden of Elves & Pixies.
There were about a 1000 people in the Gardens - thoroughly entertained by the Hairy Legged Revolutionaries.
PG 4 to 18 - This is not a porn site, but we assume that there will be parental guidance when viewing this photo & Ordering their CD.
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Abie Thomas - At the V&A WaterfrontAbie Thomas - At the V&A Waterfront

Another Capetown Street musician records for Julian Burnett - 53 tunes on a double CD -Produced by Jonny Blundell at Paris Studios in Fishoek.
...

Buried in the Sky
Buried in the Sky

Rick Andrew - Artist, Design Arts Lecturer, hidden years Musician & now Author. His book deals with conscripts, the supposedly non-existent border war & rock & roll in Angola & South Africa.
...

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