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3rd Ear Music Hidden Years - Reissues
These 3rd Ear Music & related indie CDs & CDRs are issued from the Hidden Years Music Archive Project on demand. For example the 3rd CD we issued was the long awaited & much avoided, banned & celebrated Roger Lucey classic - 21 Years Down The Road. Original recordings with additional never before heard in- concert desk mixes - digitally re-mastered & mixed with a 'critique' by the Publications Control Board, as per the Act of 1976.
14 Shabala - Is'Tofu Eshisha
14 Shabala - Is'Tofu Eshisha (3eM CD 3314) - 1989
listen to mp3 - 14 Shabala - Is'Tofu Eshisha (size: 276 kb) Order the CD
John Oakley-Smith - Matinees on Saturdays
John Oakley-Smith - Matinees on Saturdays (3eM WBC CD 9000) - 1976
Order the CD
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Colin Shamley - Born Guilty
Colin Shamley - Born Guilty (3eM CD 7005) - 1979
listen to mp3 - Colin Shamley - Born Guilty (size: 205 kb) Order the CD

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