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 After the Rinderpest - Bill Knight
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After the Rinderpest - Bill Knight
New CD Album Release.
Bill Knight
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The Scene is the Cape Colony border, late 19th Century, a terrible Plague, the Rinderpest (rather like foot & Mouth), has decimated the livestock and lives of the Boers, Brits and Amaxhosa alike. The infected animals have to be piled in Pits and burned. The land is covered in smoke and weeping. The scene segues into the terrible fires on Table Mountain at the end of the 20th Century, it seems as though Hell has burst its gates, and out of the smoke staggers a ragged figure in his Kerk-pak, clutching a Guitar and a copy of his new CD "After the Rinderpest".
Bill Knight is a Cape Town Musician who's deeply moving and insightful Lyrics, written in a mix of English and Kombuistaal, are set to music best described as " Kaapse-Mengsel Folk-Blues", or "SkollieRock".
Bill's fourth Album, "After the Rinderpest" is a personal journey of Absolution from our History of intolerance, fear and mistrust. This is an entirely Home-Grown product- Recorded and Engineered in His Cottage-Studio," a little Knight Music", and Self Produced and Distributed. Aided and abetted by Friends, Family, Comrades and Fellow-sufferers, the list of Credits is impressive:
Seymour Howe, Roger Lucey, Terrence Scarr, Richard Tait, Terxia Chegwidden, Rae Goodman, James Kaye, Ian Bell, Gale Mc All.
Koos Turenhout of Ivory Tower Studios did the Mastering.
From the dark brooding first track, "After the Rinderpest" to the exhalative last track "Hope Enough", the Album is an Hypnotic journey of Discovery, and while being refreshingly lacking in heavy handed Production techniques, is Warm, Personal, and unarguably Authentic and Honest.
After the Rinderpest will be launched at the Armchair Theatre, Observatory, Cape Town, on 31 August 2001, starting at 9pm, tickets R30. at the Door.
Featuring Bill Knight together with a Star-Studded cast of Guest Artists.
Contact: [email protected] Site: www.twisted.co.za/billknight

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