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 Mike Westcott for his Trust / Section 21 suggestions

Mike Westcott - radio, record and music producer (and voice) of note - sent us these ideas to throw around; the setting up of a (Hidden Years) Music Archive Trust. Mike, like so many says that this is an exceedingly good idea.

It is not only 3rd Ear Music's HY project that would benefit from setting up a National Hidden History Music Archive. There are a number of wonderful music collections that need to be saved, collated, catalogued and made available to all SAfricans. Here's what Mike writes:

Could not part of this (forming a Music Archive Trust) be a membership of Trust supporters who tithe a monthly amount to the project? If it were to be a bona fide NGO / a non-profit Section 21 structure, then donations would surely be tax deductible?

Mike suggests that with the help of some of our bright young advertising and marketing minds in this country, the project could be made sexy enough to interest a lot of high profile organisations, businesses, individuals etc.

Peter Cooke also suggested that we get the commercial mainstream record industry's support; that a few recently retired executives who made a living out of recorded music may also want to get involved.

We could attract a few heavyweights - ex-members, including some of the big names of the South African Music and Record industry - past and present. Graham Beggs, Terry Dempsey, Dave Gresham, Derek Hannan, Mbogeni Ngema, Mike Oldfield, Peter Gallo? And what about Mutt Lange, Clive Calder, Dave Matthews, Trevor Rabin etc?

A regular monthly income to run the project on an ongoing basis could help establish a National Music History Archive that would eventually become self-sustaining; providing music information for students, education departments, Text Books, commercial films, TV and Radio etc.

Mike: If those who joined pledged say R100.00 a month, a 1 000 (music) members from the industry would mean a significant cash flow into the archive (project). It works for organized religion and music is amongst mankind's greatest "religions". The music industry should also be committed to a regular donation.

Just some random thoughts that may spark some bigger ideas, concludes Mike Westcott.

Thanks for that input Mike

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