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 Esther Rutstein RIP
Esther & Daughter Talia – the very best of friends until the end – 2004
Esther & Daughter Talia – the very best of friends until the end – 2004
Esther Rutstein nee Chimes – cut from the same caring clothe and a learned musician – perhaps more at heart than in figures & facts, degrees & diplomas - Esther was concerned more with the musicians she admired & encouraged, than she was with her own selfless desire to be heard or be known. Like Rene her singing was about the joy, rather than the accuracy of it all. Esther, whose thirst for knowledge - what made musicians & music click - would jump up at the drop of a chord & sing in any key that came to mind, with much love & great gusto; she made the perfect vocal gymnasts around at the time, sound positively boring. Esther’s studies, research & thesis into folk music & musicians will hopefully soon be made known through the HYMAProject… another piece of SAfrica’s complex hidden history music puzzle to which this immaculate bubbly, pretty lady in the slim-line body, spent so many years contributing. Having spoken with her children, son Lonnie & daughter Talia, we hope to have an Esther Rutstein Hidden Years module on the website & in the Archive soon.

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