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 Rene Frangs RIP
Rene RIP at Abe’s Nitebeat in Hillbrow
Rene RIP at Abe’s Nitebeat in Hillbrow, sings while Duccio Alessandri plays 1968
(Photo David Marks)
Rene Frangs – why should I have to say anything about this Ethno Musicologist from Bethlehem in the Free States? Greek Rene with the perfect pitch who couldn’t or wouldn’t sing in the accepted commercial sense of the word – despite her pleasant opera-trained soprano vibrato. The work she did amongst so many musicians should speak for itself. Rene would quiver in sympathy, like a pin pricked voodoo doll, sharing the damage every time we were hurt or sick or in trouble. I worked with Rene on a number of late 60’s early 70’s folk festivals & for a time with Dr. Hugh Tracey at the International Library of African Music (ILAM - on the farm in Roodepoort), 1968. It was Rene, musicologist in charge, who introduced me to archiving - Ritchie Morris took over from me. Not that we Folk had any glue about Ethno Musicology, but like any out of work Troubadour who needed a hand, it was Rene as usual, to the rescue… She changed my life.

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