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 Theo Coetzee RIP

Theo Coetzee RIP 26th February 1944 - 26th September 2004 - his first & last dance - 40 years of boogying. Photos for the HYMA Project by David Marks unless otherwise indicated.
Theo Coetzee RIP Theo Coetzee 1962 Theo Coetzee
Theo Coetzee RIP by Clem Tholet, Capetown January 2004 Theo Coetzee The First Dance 1962 Army Gym Twist Band Theo, Mike & Abie Theo Coetzee - far right (??) 1965 Pretoria University (Thanks Abie Fullard)
Theo 1972 The Ladies in his life Theo Portrait
Theo at the 1972 National Folk Festival by Tony Campbell The Ladies in his life daughter Daya, ex-wives Yvonne & Gail - say farewell Theo Portrait by brother Martyn Coetzee RIP who died in Spain some years earlier
Theo Sings Moogie Digs Theo - Resting
Theo Sings in the Martyn Coetzee Gallery Nebo 2003 Moogie Digs with Frik Grobelaar from Rustler's Valley Theo - Resting in Brother Martyn's Gallery
Theo - Ritchie Morris Preparing the Journey Graveside Pause
Theo - Ritchie Morris & Pete Duby Dig for Theo Preparing the Journey Graveside Pause
Theo - Graveside Theo Daya Coetzee & Peter Duby
Theo - Graveside Hughie Reads Farewell Theo - In The Shadowy Ground Daya Coetzee & Peter Duby listen to the Wise Old Man, showing the way
The Wake - Dave Clarke The Wake The Wake
The Wake - Dave Clarke, one of Theo's 60's Folk Group members, plays The Wake - The People sing - Daya & Hughie in front The Wake - Fiona & Friends Listen
Nebo discussion in Durban
Nebo discussion in Durban – Theo's last visit to 3rd Ear with David & Ritchie 2004

Theo danced his last dance 26th September 2004 a month before his dear friend & music colleague, Clem Tholet joined him. We couldn't believe it either. Ritchie (Morris) called from Nebo Farm to let us know that Theo died in the early hours of Sunday morning - doing what he loved doing best - dancing! Sincerest condolences to Daya, his many friends & family.

Such sad news - for those of us he left behind; Thank God for the love that he spent his life spreading around - the Guru of Nebo, Lord of the Trance Dance, and the man who transformed Pretoria through Folk Music, in the bizarre political 60's & 70's, has bowed out forever, in the way he loved best - on the dance floor.

Theo Coetzee spent his last few years just as he had planned; back on the land, with his guitar in hand & with his close friends... dancing!

Theo will be beaming around somewhere in the great unknown, so the best we can wish for is that the void & the special space he left down here be forever filled by the generosity & free spirit of his love & light. One unique Oke who spent a lifetime teaching & training people to lead a better lekker life. His wiry ways & infectious steps will not be lost on those of us lucky enough to have been moved by him.

As Theo always says - Well no yes man, lekker lex....

Theo was buried on Nebo Farm on Saturday 2nd October 2004.

3rd Ear Music will post, in more detail later, a full CV / Biog of Theo - a remarkable man & team-leader (PhD in Psychology, PTA) who kept the Folk Movement alive in Pretoria against all sorts of political, social & economic odds. It was Theo who helped me manage to tour this country (post 1994) with Crosby, Stills & Nash, Shawn Phillips, Kinky Friedman & Ritchie Havens. He did these 3rd Ear Music shows - and countless others besides for the pure joy & love of it all - and nothing pleased Theo more than to see a satisfied audience. No matter that we lost fortunes. Theo even lost his house on one tour, but as usual, managed to pick himself up to retire to Nebo Farm.

With Love from Fran, David Marks & Family, 3rd Ear Music & the Hidden Years Music Archive Project, Sept 2004.

Manager Arlo Hennings & legendary Texan Singer Songwriter Shawn Phillips, have posted a special WebPage, dedicated to the memory of Theo - who was 3rd Ear Music's partner & Tour Manager responsible for bringing Shawn to South Africa & Splashy Fen, in April 1994.


Arlo Hennings Manager www.shawnphillips.com

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