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 Grahamstown Jazz Festival - 2001


Thabiso Victor Pooe and Fran
Thabiso Victor Pooe and Fran
The University of Natal has been participating for many years in the Grahamstown Jazz Festival. In particular, the University of Natal has been active with the National Jazz Youth Festivals. Now (end of June and early July) is the time when the Festival is happening. Along with other institutions in the country, the University of Natal, Durban is sending young musicians who want to learn and interact with other top young players in the country today. The festival takes place on 27th of June to the 2nd of July.

The University of Natal's Professor in music, Darius Brubeck is one of the artists that will be attracting a lot of attention during the 2001 Festival with his performances, BRUBECK PLAYS BRUBECK, ARMSTRONG AND BEYOND and AFRO-COOL CONCEPT. Not only will Darius play his father's music but also compositions by other Brubecks, like his brothers Chris and Matthew and also his Uncle Howard. He will also include in his repertoire songs where his mother wrote the lyrics to 'Take Five" and other great jazz hits.

Darius Brubeck's group will feature himself on piano and musicians like Mike Rossi (Saxes + clarinets, flutes and piccolo), Baney Rachabane (alto sax), Lulu Gontsana (drums), Bongani Sokhela (bass) plus guests on vocals. There will be other interesting collaborations with different legendary South African musos playing South African Standards and International Jazz Standards in general.

Thabiso Victor Pooe
28 June 2001.

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