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 MMINO & NAC Report
from Thabiso Victor

Thabiso Victor Pooe and Fran
Thabiso Victor Pooe and Fran
The work that I am conducting in the archive studio is continuing along the same path as mentioned in my first work report. When I began I was cleaning and wiping out the dust on the Reel and cassette tapes and also put them in a noticeable or indetifiable order. We still cannot play the music in the reel tapes because we do not have the proper equipment to play these tapes - nor do we have a large enough hard-drive to store the music. We are also looking and searching for the best technique that we can use to ensure the integrity of tapes that are at risk from mould and rust. We do not want to ruin the music by damaging the tapes more than they are already currently damaged. It is important that we do not play these recordings until we get the relevant equipment.

I am making progress in capturing the information that is on the tapes onto the computer. The type of information that I am capturing includes the names of artists, types of events, dates, places and venues. After all this capturing of data, it will become significantly easier for the studio to find specifics on the collections that we have. This will mean that projects will be able to begin without encountering too many difficulties. In conclusion, the archive is getting closer to a position whereby the music collection will be accessible to the public.

Thabiso Victor Pooe
28 June 2001.

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