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 Edition 12 - Aug/Sept 2002 Gallery

A Privilege 1967A Privilege 1967 with Davy James
1967 Promo Shot of the Band with 3 David's, a Harry Poulos & Dutch singer Yvette
Davy James - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Harry Poulos - Hammond B3, Fender Strat and Vocals
Yvette - Vocals
Dave Crawford - Drums
David Marks - Bass

Natal Folk 1968Natal Folk 1968 - Jock Leyden copy
Most of the cast for the 1968 Natal Folk Festival held at the YMCA in Durban & produced by David Marks for the SA Folk Music Association. Jock Leyden was the resident daily cartoonist for the Daily News for something like 30 years. Note some of the characters in the sketch - Brian Finch, Mel Green & Colin Shamley. This festival is also in the HYMAProject archives as is the 1972 event that ended up on a double LP.

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David PhylDavid Phyl - Gold Record for 200 Units
Phyllis de Gouveia from Gold Records visited 3rd Ear Music in Durban recently; so Fran decided to award us a Gold Record. Why not? All the record companies do it & when the musicians ask where the royalties are they say...oops! Sorry, it was just a media promo stunt. Anyway, 3rd Ear likes to award itself a Gold records if we pass 100 units. Why not? There's a CD out (played on Radio 2000 a lot) that claims to be South Africa's greatest hits collection. Nobody but the complier has even heard of 90% of the songs. Hits?

Chuck BerryFelt Forum - Chuck Berry 69
In 1969 David Marks worked on a series of Rock & Roll revival shows for Bill Hanley - including Live Peace in Toronto. But before Toronto, there were the notorious Felt Forum gigs (Madison Square Gardens, New York.) Chuck Berry, The Platters, Jimmy Canton, The Shirrels and Shan Na Na. David had his Camera out (as usual) and shot away at a gig that features in his Hidden Years Story - Part 1 - The South Shall Rise Again. The Photo is of General Chuck Berry conquering New York.
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Brian Finch and Mike Dickman 1971Brian Finch & Mike Dickman 1971
Dennis Skouse took this great shot of Brian Finch & Mike Dickman at David & Fran Marks' house in Lombardy East while rehearsing for Bringing Back The Good Times sessions - which were eventually recorded for Asylum Records in 1973. This was to be Brian's first solo album (released in 1974) produced by David until 2002's Hero of Heroes; project/project1101/bfinchcd.html < and although Brian had recorded 6 albums with Ken E Henson in between (and 3 compilations) this Good Times was to become a classic - that got no airtime whatsoever. It featured such international luminaries as Art Stead (Piano), Kevin Kruger (Drums), Ken E Henson (Electric Guitar) Robert John "Mutt" Lange (Bass), Bob Denton (Mandolin & Banjo), Paul Slatter (Violin), Mike Dickman (Acoustic Guitar) and Lofty Scholtz (Sax). The master tapes were found by Rob Allingham (Gallo). So they survived "the fire!!?" The HYMAProject is to re-issue the album soon.
Rose-Lee GenghisRose-Lee Genghis Great - office
Rose-Lee & Genghis Markantonatos in the 3rd Ear Music Office, Durban. Rose-Lee recently toured Capetown with the Durban Girls' College Orchestra as 3rd Violinist. Genghis didn't quite make the cut, so he stayed & worked in the office.
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Thandi & Zamikile Nkomo at 3rd Ear Music July 2002Thandi & Zamikile Nkomo at 3rd Ear Music July 2002
Zamakile (Vocals & Guitars) has reformed his Maskandi band, Abagijimi with the return of Mhanjelwa Ngcobo on Concertina. Durban Arts have been arranging a few gigs for the band & it looks as if there is some interest from France. Zamakile is still to produce a commercial recording. 3rd Ear has compiled a demo CD (a calling card) from the SAMP (South Africa Swedish Music Project) recorded while Zamakile was performing in Stockholm, Sweden in 1998.
Kruger Bans World 03Kruger Bans World 03
David at 3rd Ear Music in 1977 when Jimmy Kruger (Minister of Prisons & Police in the OSA) banned the World. (The Newspaper)
Paul WeinbergPaul Weinberg at Paul Weinberg Exhibit
Paul Weinberg's Photo Book - Durban - was launched at the National Art Gallery in April 2002. It's a wonderful picture Essay of Durban. Paul, an activist & photographer of note during the bad old 80's documented the apartheid era for the Council of Churches & worked at Khotso House. He took some wonderful photos at many Music festivals.
John Gcaba serenadesJohn Gcaba serenades a little girl at Paul Weinberg's Exhibit
John Gcaba is considered by many to be one of the best Zulu Maskandi musicians around. In the old tradition of the Maskanda Musician (wondering minstrel) John - who has been working as a gardener on the Berea in Durban for the past 20 years - still wanders the streets on weekends bringing joy to the city. 3rd Ear Music would like to try & keep this unique art alive - possibly through a Maskandi Meander?
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John Gcaba at Paul Weinberg ExhibitJohn Gcaba at Paul Weinberg Exhibit
John Gcaba - in his traditional Beshu (a Zulu Suit as he calls it) - will be performing with a full orchestra at the State Theater in Pretoria in September; arranged by Pedro Espi-Sanchis & Robert Brookes. He will also play his nDloko (a one-string Oil Can Violin)
This Classical Music venture will also feature another early 3rd Ear Musician from 1975, Madosini - playing her uMphe bows & Jews Harp.

John Gcaba plays his nDlokoJohn Gcaba plays his nDloko on the lawn of the National Art Gallery - David Marks & grand-daughter Cheyenne Donnelley dance.

Di Aspen and Lisha DonnellyDi Aspen, Lisha Donnelly and Italian friend Lara at 3rd Ear Music June 2002
Just thought we'd colour up the gallery with 3 pretty family friends.

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