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 Splashy Fen 2002 / Leopard Skin
Leopard Skin

Leopard Skin - A wonderful musical journey through post liberation South Africa. With words & music by Alan Judd, Mike Pilot, Terry Rosenberg & Mary-Ellen Blackman. Script & direction by Aldo Brincat; a memorable performance at NOT THE GRAHAMSTOWN FESTIVAL.
Mr Judd and Alan Bowen Ndu amd Alan Terry Rosenberg

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Splashy Fen 2002
David campingSplashy Fen 2002 - Still a wonderful Festival. Pity about the Music then. It is no longer a unique A to Z (Afrikaans to Zulu) music celebration - It has now become like any of the many 30 odd outdoor techno PC driven commercial SAfrican events. Should we start a 'Save Splashy' campaign. Pete and Peter Almary
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Chloe, Rose, Katja and Chey Dan Chiorboli and Roger
Mapondo - cleaning lady David and Fran
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David and Theo

 Lisha and Roger

All cultures

9 year old Jackie

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