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Written by Leslie Shill, October 16, 2000
© Les Shill 2000

From the book of kisses......

Chemistry is ethereal and
It's the connection of atoms,
Peptides and particles and
A nucleus on a path to
It's contained in the mixture
Of elemental substances
And it can derive from
The mere rubbing of particles
Against each other;
Ah, yes chemistry,
It is all these things and so much more
It is Yin and yang
And the electricity
Of life and also of love
The exchange of words
The negotiation
Of substance and emotion;
The beaded sweat on a brow
And in the appeal of a gesture
And it can be in the giving
Of a flower as well,
It's the spark between lovers
And the birth of desire
The second lips touch
when feelings arise;
chemistry is in the moment of parting as well
the instant of goodbye
and the feelings left behind
the shards of what once was
Is the music we love
And the poetry that speaks to us
In our souls,
The ultimate repositories of all
Remember that first kiss?

Written by Leslie Shill, October 16, 2000
© Les Shill 2000

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