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Dust Devils
Words & Music by Paul Clingman
From the Stanyan 3rd Ear Record Father To The Child 1977 (p)© 3rd Ear Music 1977 / 2000

Devil in the dust is shaking
Whirl around again
Nothing on the ground for the taking
Dance around again
The ground is clean where the water has rushed away
Run away
Diamond stones are bleached like bones in the Silver day
Touch the day feel the day

The whole world knows that when the Dust Devil blows
It's time to remember the rain

The day is still never shifting
Where is the Moon?
The heat is hard never lifting
Who knows the Moon?
Sticks are dry where the leaves still lie on the rocky ground
Broken ground
There is no cry no breath no sigh or any sound
Hear a sound - any sound

The whole world learns that when the day never turns
It's time to remember the rain

The wind is a friend never staying
Whirl around again
The water knows no delaying
Dance around again
The East is light the clouds will fight for the ground again
Who will win?
The storm falls the sky calls resound again
Pound again sound again

The whole world feels when the thunder peels
It's time to remember the rain.

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