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Words & Music Bill Knight (P)© Bill Knight / 3rd Ear Music 1990

There's a mellow moon a hiding
Behin the harbour wall tonight
I could dance in its reflection
If I could get out beyond the lights
There's a mist upon the steenberg
My ship is in the bay
Will you still have tomorrow
What I'm giving you today


Bye bye, bye bye maraai
This is what I want you to see
Belive me, believe me
Unfortunately, nothg's guarenteed

My love is made of particles
A thousand grains of sand
It can slip through your fingers
Or nestle in your hands
I gave you all my love in a calabash
Like fire to chase the fear
Now is it you or just an alias
That I'm watching disappear


Goodbye, goodbye my annamaraai
I was no mach for you
I was neijtralised in an electrical storm
And lost my point of view
I cannot grieve my regrets I leave
To those who stay behind
To the calous & the cynical
To the brutal & the blind

In the eyes of desperation
Could any man be whole
Take fate between your fingers
And dumbly watch it roll
But to reach for the horizon
Through darkness stretch a hand
And lift heart to knocking knees
And shuffle to a stand

Heimwee, heimwee
Laat my los laat my droom alweer
Heimwee, heimwee
Nee, my dolla, nee.

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