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Rocking Chair
Words & Music by David Marks (p)© 3rd Ear Music 1994

when he turned frreee he could ROCK 'n ROLL
music saved his very soul
he's just turned 50 watch him move
he's got one thing left in life to prove.....

would you still love him - would you care?
if you saw him rolling in his ROCKIN' CHAIR
would you still love him...mama...would you care?
If you saw him rolling in his ROCKIN' CHAIR......

from 1 to 10 his world went pop!
when he reach 16 he jive 'n bop!
could be rap or metal grunge or funk
when lips get loose & hearts get sunk

from 16 down to 21
watch-out! woodstock here we come
hey cool! no school! hard rock 'n blues
turn on the world & blow a fuse......confused?

they love or hate you with flowers in your hair
you were too far-out man.....rolling in that
rockin' chair

from 21 tears 32
trad 'n jazz & some children too
video music is all they want to play.......
but the rolling stones will not, will not, fade away.....

35 old daze were best?
country classic time's the test
stolen minutes - board/bored-room rules....
headlines! deadlines! ship 'o fools......

all you need is love & tender care
while you get ready (steady) for your rockin' chair (x2)

from 60 up until the end
your rocking chair becomes your friend
(just) like ELVIS on that jail-house rock
you just grab that chair & ROCK! BOP! POP!

everybody loves you.....'cause you're still there,
from the cradle to the rockin' chair (x2)

age is just a state of mind....
don't matter what you leave behind
age is just a number they say....
but the rolling stones will not, will not
fade away....fade away...not fade away

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