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Shot Down in the Street
Words & Music James Phillips (p)© Shifty Records

Long have we all waited
Many times have we seen
In the eyes of the labourers
In the eyes of the neighbours
A feeling that leaves none to guess who's been doing what for who and when for less
And who's been left out there with dust on his dead feet
Shot down in the street
Look right at the sunset
Look left and pour the tea
Look on in amazement
Milk first and mass crazy here
Nowhere else in the world can you see so many monsters and mutations that creep out so efficiently

And leave you wandering what happened to all those sacred things
They got shot down in the street
New morning, new morning
Old ways get away
But here in my cradle
I lie incapable
I'm a white boy who looked at his life gathered in his hands
And saw it was all due to the sweat of some other man
That one who got shot down in the street

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