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 News Snippets - Jan / Feb 2002
News Snippets:

Dave "Plod" Tarr's Tribute on Saturday the 16th February has been moved to the DUMARC THEATRE, Unit 6 Springfield Park - the Tusk Inn was ransacked over the weekend and has had to close down. More news on the later. But if you need further details please call KEN E HENSON at (031) 572-2479 This is a benefit concert for Plod's Family with a host of musicians: Wills Blues Band, Sippies, Salty Dog, Syd Kitchen (and perhaps some of the Aquarian Quartet?) Dave Birch, Nibs v.d. Spuy, Brooklyn, Ken E Henson & Richard Ellis, Scooters Union, Steve Fataar, DAD (David Marks, Alan Judd & Dan Chiorboli) & others.Celebrate Life while we can.

Wednesday the 20.02.2002 - The only Palindromic Date this Century - features an evening of music arranged by MIM and Southern Sun Hotels at the old Maharani (Holiday Inn, Garden Court, North Beach, Durban) - 7:30 for 8:00pm - Call (031) 702-2043 to book or eMail Tickets R50.00 - Proceeds to the Leopard Kingdom Foundation (for homeless Children). Featuring: Mim Erasmus, Colin Penn, Frank Graham, Ellis Pearson, Keith McFarlane, Vicki Goddard, David Marks, Alan Judd, Dan Chiorboli and many more.

Penguin Book Staff: Left to right: Zita Castanho, Helen Suzor, Nicola van Rooyen, Janine O'Connor, Karen Lane, Marla Reddy, Claire Heckrath, Alison Lowry, Catherine Born and Pam Thornley> The HIDDEN YEARS BOOK
These are the pretty ladies of PENGUIN BOOKS who will be editing, marketing, promoting & selling David Marks' long-awaited Story & Photo Book - scheduled for release in September 2002.
...read some excerpts >>
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Lex Futhsane> The JAZZANIANS
Darius Brubeck's 1988 production of this remarkable University of Natal Student Band is now officially on the market. It's a Limited edition only. Bassist Lex Futshane seen here at the annual Jazz Jorl where the CD was launched.
...
... order the CD >>

Mike de Jager The Barney Menzies Dance Band
> Mike de Jager
Durban Rock guitarist who has immigrated to the UK has been be making waves & recording at MadHat studios in Penderford. His first foreign CD. We'll keep you updated.

ICASA audience and Tim Wells > Local Recorded Content and Censorship of South Africa's hidden music history is going to get heated and interesting. Watch this space. Some questions for ICASA / NAC & RISA.
...
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a Write-off>3rd Ear Music's Ford Escort is a Write-off - 3 weeks after paying it off!

Rose-Lee> Rose-Lee with her Van Der Geest Violin - She continues to impress with her music talent - Piano and some Techno PC writing as well.
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Pretty Mvune and Chey Donnelly> Pretty Mvune & Chey Donnelly
More of 3rd Ear Music's Greatest Misses in the office.

Lisha> Lisha turned 30 recently - L-R Great Gran Leonie, Cheyenne, Mother Lisha & Gran Fran.

Shawn Phillips> Shawn Phillips & his South African wife - Juliette, married in Texas on December 27th 2001. The Texan Singer Songwriter Legend and friend to many South Africans hopes to tour this country again soon. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Phillips from 3rd Ear Music. Read about Shawn's influence on the Johannesburg Folk Scene of the early 60's in the Hidden Years Story / The Troubadour 1966.
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2 thirds of DAD> 2 thirds of DAD - David Marks & Alan Judd play at Emberton in December.

LARRY AMOS> LARRY AMOS opens a Blues Pub & Club with JOAN, in Port Shepstone & visits 3rd Ear Music.

In the wake of Hollywood's sinking of the USS Titanic, we have been getting many hits on the site for his classic version of the song by the same name. JAMIE where are you now that we need to salvage the true story of how this big boat sank?
...

Ingrid Byerly> INGRID BYERLY visited 3rd Ear Music offices recently - From Duke University in the USA Ingrid has chosen SAfrican Music for her thesis & Lecture projects; focusing on the Rockers of the early 80's - Jameson's etc.

> CHRIS CHAPMAN hit the BIG 5 OH with a unique Surf party up the South Coast - Magic Waves, weather and people.
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ERIC 'Deliverance' WEISBERG> ERIC 'Deliverance' WEISBERG - The legendary wonder man of Banjo, Mandolin and humour visits the Valley of a 1000 Hillbillies and plays a few magic tunes at Emoyeni.

> STEVE & MONICA HILTON-BARBER are to be heartily congratulated for bringing another photo journalist into the world - BENJAMIN HILTON BARBER poses for the theatre camera.
...see some his photos >>

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