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If you have any comments about these people, please drop us a line.
Brian Bebbington

Brian Bebbington - Originally from the UK, the man who looks like his banjo is still plucking away we believe. Last saw him at the Mike Dickman folk meeting 3 years ago in Johannesburg; it would be nice if he stayed in touch - let us know what's happening on the Johannesburg British folk circuit.

Des and Dawn Lindberg

Des & Dawn Lindberg - Set up home & studio in Houghton Johannesburg after "Folk on Trek" did the Southern African Great Trek gypsy thing for so many years. They have been in eGoli ever since. Got involved (& trouble) with 'mixed' theatre in early 70's. Still producing shows while Des runs his CAT recording studio from home.

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Malombo - Lucky Ranku & Julian Bahula never returned home permanently after immigrating to London in 1976. Julian still visits his Mamelodi hometown occasionally. Abe Cindi? We've lost touch with him, although we hear he's still flute-active in Johannesburg. Julian promotes concerts & has just reformed his UK band, Jabula. Lucky plays around the Jazz circuit in the UK. Dave Max Brown made a TV documentary on the Malombo Men which was broadcast on SABC & BBC TV.

Casaloma Brothers

Casaloma Brothers - Any information on where they may be and what happened to their recording career would be appreciated. They appeared at our '72 Rivonia Folk Festival in Johannesburg. Last known address was in Alexander.

Paul Clingman

Paul Clingman - Moved to Israel in the early 80's. Got married, wrote a novel, recorded 2 more albums & returned home to Johannesburg in 1994. If we can tie him down sometime, someplace, we'd like to talk about re-issuing his classic album "Father to the Child." on CD sometime.

Ahmed Mukhtar

Ahmed Mukhtar - Bob Casim's celebrated Indian Folk Group. The last contact we had with Bob & the band was at the 1974 Free Peoples Concert. They recorded a great demo for 3rd Ear in 1972. If anybody knows where they may be, please drop us an eLine.

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Mike Dickman

Mike Dickman - Hasn't stopped enthralling with his remarkable acoustic guitar style & unique blues voice since the mid 60's to date. The only thing that's changed about Mike is his environment. He left South Africa in 1984 with his sense of humour and Vera & they now both live and teach in Paris. Did a brief and wonderful tour for Theo Coetzee 2 years ago - appearing at Splashy Fen & the Blues Room in Johannesburg. Still one of the great SAfrican acoustic guitar players of all time.
...

The Dunbar Street Folk Group

The Dunbar Street Folk Group - Nino Rivera (2nd from right) left his recording engineer career to go farming in the 'Berg. He has become an exporter of class herbs, and still plays occasionally - last heard at Splashy Fen a few years ago. Caroline Blundell (centre) is, as always, singing and playing beautifully. Lives & teaches in Cape Town with the rest of the legendary Blundell music family. The others? Canadian Chris McHale (right), Sheila Campbell (2nd from left) & Paul Simons (left)? Help us out here!

Mel Miller

Mel Miller - After Mel, Mel & Julian split in 1968, big Mel immigrated to Israel. Got married and continued joking around the world. Returned to Johannesburg - left for Israel again & returned once more as a full-time stand-up comic. Still plays guitar occasionally & lives in Johannesburg. Tours as a stand-up all over the country.

Kevin Hinds

Kevin Hinds - First you hear him then you don't. This ex-miner silver voiced singer songwriter left Johannesburg in the 70's. He's now living along the South Coast of kwaZulu Natal & runs a little Newspaper we hear. Any more information?

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Edi Nederlander

Edi Nederlander - Moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town in the early 80's. Has recorded a number of albums for Mountain records and occasionally appears at the odd festival. Also a 60's veteran. Edi switched from acoustic blues & rock to electric guitar in the 70's & has done a number of Splashy Fens. Would like to know what she's up to. Any reports?


(Photo - Tony Campbell) Ton den Tueling (Recording), Peter Hubner (Musician) & David Marks (Producer) recording the legendary Flibbertigibbet at EMCEE Studios in Hillbrow, Johannesburg 1977. The album "Whistling Jigs to the Moon" is a classic, featuring traditional Irish & British folk tunes & ballads and a few original songs in the Irish ballad vein. The album got no air time in South Africa - about 200 copies were sold. 20 years later in 1996, a small British label, Kissing Spell, re-issued the exact same album on CD and we hear that it has sold a few thousand copies in Britain and the Far East. What was that joke about "Ladies & Gentleman - you are now landing at Jan Smuts, Johannesburg - please turn your watches back 20 years?......."


Flibbertigibbet, Johannesburg winter 1975 (Photo Tony Campbell). From left to right: Dave Williams, Assie Williams, Jo Dudding & Barry Glen. Jo and Barry are living in Canada somewhere, Assie is in Belgium recording and performing with her new Irish Folk Band and Dave is in Cape Town, producing and recording with the new SABC. All of the band are still active musically and we will have the Flibbertigibbet reviewed & up on the site in the next issue.

Tony 'Tone Bone' van der Veen

Tony 'Tone Bone' van der Veen in full flight - Mr Natural. Rivonia Folk Festival 1972

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The Gaby Lewin Band

The Gaby Lewin Band - Rivonia Folk Festival 1972

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