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Eddie Eckstein, Paul Ditchfield and Thandi ClaasensBats? Sure - Eddie Eckstein & Paul Ditchfield seen here at the SAB Music lunch with the legendary Thandi Claasens. All are still very active in the entertainment, music, TV & stage scenes. A storybook about Thandi's life as a singer was released last year.
Cocky 'Two Twobulls' Tlhotlhalemaje and Abigail KhubekaCocky 'Two Twobulls' Tlhotlhalemaje & Abigail Khubeka - Both artists started their singing & acting careers in late 50's & they are still at it - 40 years on. Cocky does his stand-up comedy routine & has been a popular Radio presenter for many years. Abby - who started her career replacing one of the Skylarks - Mariam Makeba's famous township group - in 1957, is still active on the cabaret music scene in Johannesburg & every bit as beautiful & fiery as she was 43 years ago.
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Bob Hill, Rob Allingham and Boet PretoriusWith a mural of the late great Kippie Moeketsi blowing over them, bassist Bob Hill (left) & record company executive / musician Boet Pretorius (right) chat to Gallo Publisher's archivist Rob Allingham at the recent SAB musician's lunch. Both Bob & Boet are still active musicians. (Musicians - for those of you civilians who may not have noted - never stop playing until the last lost chord is struck). Rob Allingham came from California, USA in the early 70's, having fallen in love with South Africa music & steam trains. He is an undisputed authority on African music - from A to Z - Afrikaans to Zulu. His tireless Archive work into African township & Afrikaans music at Gallo for 10 years has helped turn the commercial mainstream on its head & heart. Rob is responsible for issuing many classic almost forgotten / hidden records onto CD & is reputed to have the largest private Afrikaans (78 RPM) shellac record collection in the world.
Jody WayneHow is this for music being a non-ageing agent? Talk about Sir Cliff Richard & Lady Abigail Khubeka never ageing? This is 'little' Jody Wayne - believe it or not sitting under a mural of an equally ageless horn player - Hugh Masekela. The teenage heartthrobs of the townships & jet-set 60's still doing it & pulling in the crowds - & looking great.

All Photos by David Marks

Mike D and FranDon't want to harp on the age thing...but here's an ageism question for all you clever young SAfrican music dicks - who is the fellow on the left, with Fran Marks? No it's not the son of Mike Dickman - this is the man himself! Talk about age just being a number? His is still one of the great SAfrican acoustic guitar players of all time - with the same hobbit sense of humour & timing that made him a local music hero who influenced many musicians in the 60's & 70's. Mike & Vera left for France in 1980 & that's where he still plies his trade as master guitarist on the side, while teaching English & translating Buddhist philosophy. Mike did a quick tour of the folk circuit (except Durban ofcourse) some 18 months ago & appeared at Splashy Fen. We are negotiating to have a retrospective of his live recorded concerts.

Terry, Boris and John Oakley-SmithOne of the most exciting & innovative singer songwriters to come out of Africa in the 70's was Zimbabwean, John Oakley-Smith. Seen here at the famous old 'farmhouse' in Linden, Johannesburg 1977 with Terri Oakley-Smith & Boris. 3eM & John's publishing company, Riff Raff Music, are planning to re-issue the 1976 'avoided & restricted' Warner Bros Album, Matinees on Saturdays along with some of those classic midnight VideoSound sessions that John did with Nino Rivera in the early 80's. We may also include some live Chelsea Underground Theatre, Market Theatre & Oxford Concerts. There are the renowned Sandown & Natal Folk Festivals that we have in the archives and some great 69 Keats Road Studio sessions. Thanks to Australian Rick Barber for his donation - we hope to have a double CD-R out in the early in 2001.
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Richard van der Westhuizen, Julian Laxton and Ronnie RobotMulti talented Singer Songwriter, Actor & Artist, Richard van der Westhuizen eyes the regal looking rock rebel guitar hero Julian Laxton & ex-Rabbitt, Ronnie Robot - both ex of so many well known bands & music ventures - too numerous to mention - although Freedom's Children & Rabbitt will always spring to mind. The manne are looking extremely healthy (wealthy musicians? That's another story....) - Rock & Roll didn't do them badly at all. Julian's Place - a weekly Sunday Afternoon Music get-together for musicians in Johannesburg seems to be taking off. Richard is still very active as a TV star heartthrob / detective, & has just released a new CD of mainly Afrikaans ballads. Ronnie still spanks the plank while taking care of his business interests.
Bruce Millar, Des and Dawn Lindberg and Allen Kwela(L-R) Bruce Millar, Des and Dawn Lindberg & Allen Kwela. Bruce is still active at the Station for the Well Informed - runs a great morning show from 10am to 11:30 on SAfm. Des runs his digital studio & does the occasional corporate gig & soiree with wife Dawn who still directs shows & does a lot of gym. Allen started playing around the streets as a Kwela Kid in the 50's & still plays around the clubs as an internationally recognized Jazz guitarist of African Note. Allen has been the first artist to strike the first chord - among other things - at a number of 3rd Ear Music venues over the past 30 odd years.
Tessa Ziegler and Johnnie FourieThe ever lovely, young & Classical guitarist Tessa Ziegler with the International local Jazz Maestro, Johnnie Fourie. Johnnie is still doing tours & sessions & working on another album, we hear, with son Sean Fury Fourie - who was a little young to attend this 'senior citizen' event. But then, what's Tessa doing there? Discussing her new recording project or tour & extracting a little 6 string wisdom, no doubt.
Maestros story timeWhen the Gold has turned Silver. Under the watchful horn of the legendary Kippie Moeketsi - Fergie (Ballyhoo) delivers another studio punch line? Listening intently are a gold mine of SAfrican record producers, players & a journo - (L-R) Julian Laxton, Dennis East, Adrian English, Peter Vee & Fergie Ferguson.
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