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Des Lindberg's 60th Party Photos
(Photos by David Marks)

ROAST$ & TOAST$ were delivered by: Adam Lindberg & Struan, Allison Miller , Ann Power, Dave Pollecutt, Dawn Lindberg, Dave Marks, Jill Kirkland, John Silver, Joshua Lindberg, Mara Louw, Mark Banks, Mel Miller, Peta-Ann Holdcroft, Petr Mclea, Rainer Hersch, Raoul & Julia Bonegio, Tessa Ziegler & Spontaneous Volunteers!! It was wonderful meeting up with many Hidden Years friends - Ian Lawrence was there too as was the legendary Cocky 'Two Bulls' Thlothalemaje (with his remarkable family of dancers, actors & singers), Joan Brickhill, Helen Suzman & Dr. Browdie and a memorable cast of hundreds. And as for Des & his 6 score & more? Well Mel Miller tucked in & Mark Banks put his finger in it; after sending up Master Jack, he exclaimed - Hell Des you've certainly lasted better than the songs..... To be roasted & lambasted is to know you have arrived.

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